Make Kony Famous


           Alright guys for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, let me give you a quick run-down. Joseph Kony is a powerful war criminal that has been terrorizing Uganda for over 20 years building up a child army. The children of Uganda fall asleep in fear, fear that they will wake up one day with a gun in their hands, being forced to shoot their own parents before beginning their life as a child soldier. But this is the year that changes, this year people of the world are taking a stand, making kony as famous as our favorite celebrities to bring awareness so that we as society can stop this criminal, and its already working! Kony knows whats coming, but his influence remains strong, so its our job as citizens of the world to build our own army, and to spread the word as far as possible. APRIL 20TH 2012, the Cover the Night campaign will be hitting major cities around the world, plastering the streets with Konys face so that by the time the sun rises on April 21st everyone will know who Kony is and what he has done. Join the resistance! Even if you don’t live near a big city you can still do your part to spread the word, visit and get an action kit to start the resistance in your town. Don’t think you have to be and adult to participate in this, its young people that are driving the force and even liking the invisible children on Facebook can make a difference. Watch the Invisible Children promo video below and here the story of Jacob, a child soldier who escaped from Konys grip, its truly inspiring. 2012 is the last year, we have to arrest kony by December 31st or its over, so lets make it count, make a difference in shaping the history of the world!